Artisanal watercolors, handmade with aloha in Hawaii

Jade vine

Aloha watercolors are made by hand on the Big island of Hawai’i, using only the finest pigments and high quality Hawaiian honey for extra smoothness. Every batch is meticulously mixed and dried over a period of several weeks.

The range of colors is continually growing (March 2019: 84 different hues), and now includes special paints like metallics and even glow-in-the-dark paints.

Next shop update on Sunday, May 12th 2019, 9am Hawaii time. Please make sure you’re on the right time in your specific time zone, as paints sell out fast (within minutes for certain sets or paints) ! And yes, we ship internationally. Shipping costs are $3.50 within the US, and $11.- international.


Many of my paints are single pigments, which means that I use only one pigment to mix the paint. However, I have a few 2 or more pigment mixes which I call “aloha mix“. Galaxy, for example, consists out of 5 different pigments!

Almost all of my paints are extremely lightfast. On the scale of 1-8 (of which 8 is the most permanent), all of my paints are at least 6, most are 7 or 8. It means that your paintings will not fade when they’re exposed to the light.

I only use non-toxic pigments and ingredients. Even the pigments that were formerly known to be extremely toxic (such as manganese blue) are  produced with non-toxic materials nowadays. The binder is hand mixed by me and contains gum arabic, Organic Hawaiian honey from the Big Island and glycerine.

Here are the sets I’ve created so far:

But first coffee: Dark roast (caput mortuum, PR101) and Kona Jazz (bronze gold), Lightfast: 8.

Available again May 5, 2019

Monstera love set: Jungle (phtalo green, PG7), Golden cactus (green with metallic gold, aloha mix), Koa wood (Ercolano red, a-Fe2O3), Mango (medium cadmium yellow, PY 35), Heliconia (medium crimson red, PR 112/12370-15630), Ohia (French vermillion orange, PR4 PY1), Acai bowl (French Lacquer red, PR12/12385), Monstera (Natural base G17 (77288)). Lightfast: 8, except for Golden cactus, lightfast: 6.

Available again May 5, 2019

Stormflowers set: Orchid (chinacridone pink, PV42), Storm (Payne’s gray, Pbk 11, Pb27:1, PB 27, PB 8), Lilikoi (purple, PV42, PB 29, PV 16). Lightfast: 8

Available again May 5, 2019

Princess Moana set: Hula princess (metallic gold), Moana (Prussian blue, PB 27:1), Aolani (rouge vermillion de chine, PR3). Lightfast: 8

Available again May 5, 2019

Aloha Pastels set: Hibiscus (ultramarine rose, PR259), Avocado (green, PBr7 & PY53), Monk seal (slate gray, Carbonates of calcium, manganese, iron: Fe2O3+SiO2+Al2O3+CaO+MgO), Ice Queen (light turquoise, G7(74260) & PW6),  Poi (pastel purple, PV15 & PW6), Plumeria (light lemon yellow, PY53). All lightfast: 8

In the shop now!

Aloha Love set: Pink Pearl (chinacridone rose PV 19 with pearl glimmer), Hula Goddess (rose gold metallic), Deep sea (indanthrone blue, PB 60)

Available again summer 2019

Supernova set, all metallics: Hula princess (ligh gold), Unicorn (duochrome white and purple), Venus (pink red, aloha mix), Callisto (brown gold, aloha mix), Neptune (turquoise), Green flash (apple green), Mars (red orange, aloha mix), Rain cloud (blue gray, aloha mix).

Available again May 5, 2019

Caramel candy set: scented paints! Caramel (light yellow ochre PY 43.77492 with gold mica, caramel scented), Candy Cane (duochrome metallic, peppermint scented), Cinnamon (brown with green metallic, cinnamon scented). Lightfast: 6, Caramel: 8

Available again December 2019

Trick or Treat set: Candy (pink metallic, aloha mix), Witch hat (purple gray metallic, aloha mix), Pumpkin (orange metallic, aloha mix), Ghost (green glow-in-the-dark).

Available again October 2019

Neon islands set: Lanai (neon orange), Molokai (neon green), Hawaii (neon red), Kauai (neon purple), Oahu (neon yellow), Maui (neon pink).

Available again June 2019

Beach vibes set: Pink Ginger (pink, aloha mix), Summer Sky (azure blue, PB15:4/PG7), Jade vine (phtalo turquoise PB 15:3, PG 7), Beach (yellow ochre, Natural loam, limonite CI Y43). Lightfast: 8

Available again summer 2019.

Mermaid tales set: Mermaid (white with metallic gold, aloha mix), Lagoon (mangenese blue PB 33), Seahorse (turquoise metallic), Sunset (peach with metallic gold, aloha mix), Beach (yellow ocher, Natural loam, limonite CI Y43 ), Sea Grass (Schweinfurt green PG 21). Lightfast: 8, except for Mermaid and Sunset, lightfast: 6

Available again summer 2019

Magic Pearl Set: Magic Pearl (duochrome metallic white and blue), Moana (Prussian blue, PB 27:1), Mauna Kea (red orange metallic), Hula Queen (gold metallic), High Surf (light blue metallic), Shark (Gray ochre: Carbonates of calcium, manganese, iron, Fe2O3+SiO2+Al2O3+CaO+MgO). Lightfast: 8

Available again summer 2019

Hula Christmas set: Hula princess special edition (gold metallic), Poinsettia (alizarin crimson red: PR 112.12370), Snowflake (silver metallic), Hawaiian Holly (green metallic, aloha mix). Lightfast: 8.

Available again December 2019

Dark magic set: Dark magic (purple and black metallic, aloha mix), Blue dragon (blue metallic), Wednesday Addams (pink metallic with coarse black glitter, aloha mix), Black cat (black metallic), Blue ghost (blue glow-in-the-dark).

Available again October 2019

Autumn leaves set: Starfruit (yellow metallic), Tangerine (orange metallic). Available again September/October 2019

Lava island set: Jacaranda (purple with a hint of shimmer), Lava (black, aloha mix), Aolani (Chinese vermillion), Orchid (chinacridone pink). Lightfast: 8

Discontinued until further notice