Lettering practice sheets

Aloha brushlettering practice sheet

Aloha on the beach with a pineapple! Lately I have been practicing brushlettering a lot – and I created my own lettering sheets. If you feel like brushing up on your lettering skills and are in need of some good Aloha vibes, feel free to download the pdf and print it (US letter or DIN A 4). Png for lettering on the iPad and Procreate is also available.

Tombows, Lyra, Crayolas, Pentel touch pens or anything similar work best with the printed version of this sheet.

Download pdf (for printing) here: tas_aloha-hawaii_freebie_jul17

Download png (for iPad & Procreate) here

Alohakiwi lettering sheets

For all of you who participate in the @alohakiwichallenge and have never tried lettering before, I’ve made a few practice sheets with the quotes of this month (download here as a ZIP file via my dropbox). You can print them out, trace them, take them as inspiration, copy them, whatever helps you to get into trying out some lettering.


You can see how I’m holding the printed sheet against a window, with a piece of watercolor paper on top of it. This way it’s supereasy to trace the design. Use a waterproof pen so that you’re able to paint over the lettering with watercolors later.

Please don’t sell these designs as your own and tag me @thealohastudios if you use them on your social media.