halloween gift tags

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Cute printable gift tags

My favorite things about Halloween are pumpkins and bats, though (sorry candy corn) and I’ve got some fun gift tags for you that you can print out at home.

Download HAPPY HALLOWEEN with bats and pumpkins here from my dropbox.

Mini zine template

Make your own mini zine! Free template

Making your own mini zine is simple and fun! For this Aloha watercolor zine I used a 9″x12″ (22.75×30.5 cm)  108lb (160gsm) mixed media paper by Fabriano.

I folded it in half, then in half again, and one more time to create 8 rectangle partitions. Then unfolded it again and made a cut in the middle as indicated in the template.

If you’re going to use watercolors I recommend taping the paper down with washi tape:

make your own zine

You can paint across the whole sheet of paper or fill in every rectangle by itself. And of course you could paint the backside of the sheet of paper, too: create an 8-page-zine on one side and a full sheet poster on the backside.

Mini zine

You can download the template as a psd file and jpg here from my dropbox. The template is 8″x11″ (letter size) and 300dpi. Within this zip file I’ve also included the pictures shown here on the website.

Free printable Christmas gift tags

Thank you all so much for your encouragement, your lovely comments, emails, and those sweet sweet happy mails this year. Thank you for your interest and support of my handmade watercolors, for believing in me and my new little business. It’s been quite the ride!

To download your free gift tags, follow the link here and print the PDF on heavy white cardstock for best results.

Have a wonderful December!

Free printable: feather envelope

For all of you guys who are still into snail mail, here’s a printable with my feather design! Available as pdf download you can print and decorate it further to your heart’s content. You can use standard white xerox paper, kraft paper or lightly colored paper (yellow, cream etc). US letter sized paper and DIN A 4 sized paper are both okay. The envelope will have a standard C6 size (4.5 inches x 6.4 inches).

 Click here to view and download pdf file