Tropical fruits tutorials

Loose dragonfruits. Colors used: Opera pink, ‘Ulu (lime green)

Loose Watermelons. Colors used: ‘Awapuhi (primary red-magenta), ‘Alani (orange), ‘Ulu (lime green), Green Earth

Loose papayas. Colors used: Papaya (Indian yellow), ‘Alani (Naples orange), Sea grape (Victoria green), Lavarit

Oranges. Colors used: Papaya (Indian yellow), ‘Alani (Naples orange), Periwinkle, Kalani (ultramarine blue deep)

Coconut. Colors used: Cocoa (burnt Sienna), Big Kahuna (caput mortuum violet) Monstera (chromium oxide green), ‘Ulu (lime green), Manta Ray (pewter grey), colored pencils in different greens and brown

‘ōhi‘a ‘ai (Mountain apples). Colors used: ‘Awapuhi (primary red-magenta), Heliconia (medium crimson red), Big Kahuna (caput mortuum violet), Green Earth, plus colored pencils in different greens, yellow and brown

‘ōhelo berries. Colors used: Orchid (quinacridone magenta), Big Kahuna (caput mortuum violet), Beach (yellow ochre), Night dive (prussian blue + phtalo green), plus colored pencils in pink, ochre, dusky purple and dark teal

Hala kahiki (pineapple). Colors used: Monstera (chromium oxide green), Orchid (quinacridone magenta), Beach (yellow ochre), Ice queen (pastel turquoise), plus colored pencils in green, turquoise and yellow

Tropical fruit stand. Colors used: Kupukupu, Pineapple, Alani, Opera pink, Heliconia, Vanilla, Kohola.