Step by step tutorials

Every week, I’ll add a new tutorial to this page.

Every month has a theme. All tutorials are painted with Aloha watercolors. Join me? 🙂

Coffee tree branch. Colors used: Monstera (chromium oxide green), Flame tree (medium cadmium red), Cocoa (burnt umber)

Coffee mug. Colors used: Beach (yellow ochre), Cocoa (burnt umber), Dark roast (caput mortuum), Maluhia (cobalt blue green)

Coffee to-go-cup. Colors used: Koa (Ercolano red), Lava (black iron oxide mix), Shell ginger (pastel pink)

Coffee heart mug. Colors used, pink mug: Shell ginger, Cocoa, Beach. Blue mug: Sweet blue, Cocoa, beach.

Tea time with washi taped frame. Colors used: Vanilla, Monstera, Rocky Road.

Galaxy teapots. Colors used: Shell ginger, Sweet blue, Storm, Aubergine

Flower tea cups. Colors used: Shell ginger (pastel pink), Aubergine (granulating purple), Avocado (pastel green), Monstera (chromium oxide green), Maluhia (cobalt blue green) Vanilla (buff titanium), Red Cinder (cadmium red deep)

Tea tin. Colors used: Monstera (chromium oxide green), Ice queen (pastel turquoise), King Protea (Potter’s pink)

Plumeria flowers. Colors used: Mango (medium cadmium yellow), Orchid (quinacridone pink), Shell ginger (pastel pink)

Bird of paradise flower. Colors used: Shimmer: Bird of paradise, Ilima, Blue ginger. Matte: Sea grape, Aubergine, Plumeria

Orchid. Color used: Orchid (quinacridone pink)

‘Ōhi’a lehua. Paints used: Monstera (chromium oxide green), Ohia (French vermillion hue), Pyrrole (pyrrole red), Mango (medium cadmium yellow).

King Protea. Paints used: Hibiscus (ultramarine rose), King Protea (Potter’s Pink), ‘Ahinahina (pastel green)

Blue ginger. Paints used: Blue ginger (blue shimmer), Aubergine (purple), Green Earth, Mango (medium cadmium yellow)

Naupaka. Colors used: Plumeria (pastel yellow), Ulu (light green), Green Earth, Hibiscus (ultramarine rose), Naupaka (purple shimmer).

Koali’awa (blue morning glory). Colors used: Periwinkle, Ulu (lime green), Green earth, Pakalana (Naples yellow hue)

Loose dragonfruits. Colors used: Opera pink, ‘Ulu (lime green)

Loose Watermelons. Colors used: ‘Awapuhi (primary red-magenta), ‘Alani (orange), ‘Ulu (lime green), Green Earth

Loose papayas. Colors used: Papaya (Indian yellow), ‘Alani (Naples orange), Sea grape (Victoria green), Lavarit

Oranges. Colors used: Papaya (Indian yellow), ‘Alani (Naples orange), Periwinkle, Kalani (ultramarine blue deep)