Wallpaper October 2020

The October wallpaper features liquid Ecoline watercolors and a dash of metallic aloha watercolor (Callisto). The lettering was done with the fabulous digital pencil brushes by Aude (@lettersis). As always, your wallpaper is available for download in different sizes (for your phone, too!) and with or without dates. Download here from my dropbox.

Free wallpaper May: Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes

Your free wallpaper of May shows the famous Pele (short for Pelehonuamea, which means “she who shapes the sacred land”).   Pele is the powerful goddess of volcanoes and fires and resides in Kilauea, one of the volcanoes here on the Big island of Hawai’i.   One of the first things I’ve been told here …

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November galaxy wallpaper

November is all about galaxies! I’m co-hosting a galaxy lettering/painting challenge on Instagram and wanted to get into the galaxy mood with a wallpaper for you guys. As per usual, it’s available in 2 sizes and with or without dates, and for your phone as well! Download the zip package here from my Dropbox.

Wallpaper November 2017

November is the birthday month of lots of my friends, and of my mom. What would be more fitting than a big sparkly heart? Happy birthday to all November kids! Available in 2 sizes (1280×1024 and 1920×1080) and with or without dates. Download zip file here from my dropbox folder!