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Aloha23 wallpaper January

Happy new year! The first wallpaper of the year matches the colors and theme of our current #Aloha23Palette challenge on Instagram: Touch the sky, in opera pink, pale blue, dark teal, Naples yellow and dusky purple. As always you can download the wallpaper here from my dropbox. There are different sizes available.

Whale wallpaper, January 2021

Diving into the new year with a collaboration! For your free January wallpaper, I’ve teamed up with aloha ambassador Kathryn from @kat_mccardle_art She painted the beautiful background galaxy, mainly using the Aloha watercolor Moana (Prussian blue). I added the zodiacs (capricorn and Aquarius) and the whale digitally in Procreate. The wallpaper is available in 2 …

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