Humuhumu (…) wallpaper August 2021

Hawai’is state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, also known as Humu or Picasso triggerfish is one of the most fun language pronouncing exercises that I know.

The easiest way to learn this very long Hawaiian word is to dissect it into the following parts: humu, nuku, apu.

Humu – humu – nuku – nuku.

Then you only need to add apu and a’a.

The two a at the end of the word aren’t pronounced long but very short and with a pause in between.

I’ve teamed up with Rita¬†@ryc.paints for this wallpaper. She painted the gorgeous background in teal and purple colors, and I added the humu and Leo & Virgo zodiac symbols with Procreate.

As always, you can download the wallpaper in two different sizes from my dropbox. There’s also a phone version.

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