wallpaper july 2021

Ocean vibes shark wallpaper July 2021

I’ve teamed up again with Akshaya for this ocean themed wallpaper. She painted the gorgeous background in teal and blue colors, and I added the mano (shark) and Cancer & Leo zodiac symbols with Procreate. As always, you can download the wallpaper in two different sizes from my dropbox. There’s also a phone version.

Wallpaper May 2020

Your free May wallpaper features the fabulous handmade watercolors from Rebecca @silkwatercolours (“North tower”) and Amanda @whittswatercolors(“Lucky”, “Shimmer purple”). As always, download is available in different sizes (for your phone, too!) and with or without dates. Click here to download.

Free wallpaper April 2020

Wallpaper April 2020

Your free wallpaper April shows the beautiful handmade watercolors from @stakiwicolours (Hurricane twilight indigo) and @anjcreativeletters (Brooch and Arctic wind shimmers). I just love this color combo and I hope you like it, too! As always, download is available in different sizes and with or without dates, click here to download from my dropbbox.