Wallpaper July 2020

I used Aviva colorsheets for the red and blue watercolor background and tried to give it the feel of fireworks. I’m a big fan of fireworks and am looking forward to viewing them in a few days. Hmmm wait, I’m not even sure if there will be fireworks, what with the Quarantine & lockdown still going on … well … I’ll find out soon 🙂

Oh and btw, if you haven’t tried Aviva colorsheets yet and are curious about how they work, I’ve got a swatching video up on the  Aloha Youtube channel ! I found them really fun to use, even though a little trickier than regular solid watercolors.

As always, your wallpaper is available for download in different sizes (for your phone, too!) and with or without dates. Click here to download.

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