Happy new year wallpaper January 2022

Hau'oli makahiki hou, a very happy new year to all of you!

Thank you for supporting my small business, for cheering me on, for sending lovely messages and happy mail. I know that making a wallpaper every month is just a small thing to give back to you but I do hope it brings you a little joy every month 🙂

Last year's wallpapers were a combo of watercolor galaxy and animal line drawing.

I'll continue with the more abstract background this year but will change it to a combo of watercolor and gouache.

Animals will stay too but I'll incorporate them more into the design. Like this month, where Michael the Jackson chameleon blends nicely into the background. Just like chameleons do.

If you have suggestions on what (tropical/Hawaiian) animals and color combinations I should paint, shoot me an email to keiko@thealohastudios.com.

You can download this month's wallpaper in 2 sizes plus 2 versions for your phone right here.

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