Abstract Beach vibes wallpaper July 2022

This quote really resonated with me. I have to remind myself to not always think of a camera angle when I’m painting but to paint just for painting’s and happiness’ sake. For those of you who follow my accounts on Instagram, you may have realized that I’m posting less in general and also less videos. Instead taking more time to “just” create and forgetting my phone somewhere in the house hehe. I can only recommend it!
If you have practical or mindset tips on how to calm the “need to document everything for Instagram” I’d be so happy to hear them. Feel free to send me an email to keiko@thealohastudios.com or DM me on Instagram (beause yes hehe, I still do read my messages there, even though only once a day 😉
Summer vibes for July! If you’re a summer person, this wallpaper might be just the right thing for you. I tried to evoke some beach vibes, perfect for the hot weather (at least it’s hot here, I know that for some people, it’s winter now – still have to wrap my head around that!)
As always, there’s a desktop and a couple of phone versions, too. Download here via my dropbox.

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