Wallpaper May 2021

Hawaiian goose wallpaper, May 2021

For this month’s freebie wallpaper, I pulled out my beloved matte paints by @lescouleursvf and the beautiful metallic shimmer paints by @31purplefish and added the Zodiac signs Taurus & Gemini, as well as the goose digitally in Procreate.

The nēnē goose, also known as Hawaiian goose is the rarest goose species in the world and native to Hawai’i. It’s said that the name nēnē comes from its soft call. So far I’ve never heard a nēnē’s call but only seen them grazing the fields, hunting for insects and grass seeds. The “nēnē crossing” signs are among the cutest I’ve ever seen (more fun facts at hawaiimagazine.com)

As always, you can download this wallpaper in 2 sizes. There’s also a version for your phone. Download here from my dropbox.

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